Saturday, December 18, 2010

OMG =) Summer Camp

even the SKY is Fallin' DOWN... 
eishh...  apela.. ttbe2 je .... HAHA....
want to story bout pe erk?? Tajuk OMG.. but donno want to story bout what =)

Hehehehhe.. ok.. 1 story for today...
now 2.22am 19 Dec.. just now, i hav join the secret party by the budak.. HAHA..
n then i was lepak2 there wit they all.. they call me 'KAKAK HETTY'
we're make a big round n everybody would to tell their love story..
BEST DOE dgr cite dorg in fully ENGLISH version.. n then .. opss... come by my turn..
OMG.. i won't tell them... arghhh!! they BLACKMAIL me lorhh if xnak cerita.. owhh Shitt!!
 i was Forced to tellin' my Love story to the Summer's Camp participant..
arghhh... GILA lahh! HAHA... so i'm telling them 1 of my Love lah... xnk cite sume.. KAH3...
then banyak plakk dorg nk tnye.. Haiyaa.. grr!! hehe.. but they all mmg terBAEK laa..
Sporting gila BabS n even i just Marshal for them, they all LAYAN dengan baek !!~
walaupon they come from "ORANG KAYA"  family... 
n even dorg INDIAN.. it was nothin' possible for me to make RELATION with them.. 
i LOVE u  guys.. ( Summer Camp participant )

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